Even if you’re among those users who have a ton of different windows open at a time, don’t want to use folders or overuses folders, or who just leaves all files all over his desktop, cleaning your computer especially Windows 10 is something that you should perform frequently.

Of course, we don’t mean to clean your entire computer (but it would be better if you can do that too). In particular, you should clean or clear out all those old and unnecessary apps that clog up your disk with unwanted files and are just taking up more space than just benefitting you.

Sadly, you can’t simply drag and drop those unwanted files into you’re the Recycle Bin. However, there are a lot of methods securely and safely uninstall programs on Windows 10 for good. Regardless if you have two programs to get rid of or even a dozen, there are plenty of approaches to have your computer with Windows 10 freshened up in just a couple of minutes.

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Eliminate Already-Installed Programs

Most of the time, your PC comes with some non-stock version of Windows that includes apps that you don’t really need for your PC. For instance, a lot of computers are already included with Xbox Live. However, if you right-click the program, it looks like there are not any kind of uninstallation file.

In addition, if you head into settings and try to get rid of it, the uninstallation option is disabled. This could be very frustrating if you don’t really want to put that app on your PC. Fortunately, you can still eliminate these annoying apps that don’t provide any kind of uninstaller with the use of CleanMyPC utility.

After you install this particular software, just open it and select Multi Uninstaller. Just check the boxes then press the green Uninstall button. There are some instances where already installed apps can be individually uninstalled. However, because of the large files you must get rid of, you would want to eliminate all of them at once.

Fortunately, you can easily get rid of them all at once with the use of CleanMyPC. These programs normally are not restricted from uninstallation such as Xbox Live but CleanMyPC implies that you don’t need to eliminate these apps one by one.


Use the Program’s Uninstaller

A lot of big apps out there come with their own uninstallers, particularly if they come with a lot of components. If an app comes with its own uninstaller, then it’s better to utilize it. You see, these uninstallers are engineered to catch hidden files and get rid of them effectively.

You can verify if an app comes with an uninstaller by simply accessing the start menu and searching the folder for that particular application. Normally, the uninstaller will be the last item in the program’s folder. After you find the uninstaller, just double-click on it then everything will follow. After you’re done, the uninstaller will get rid of itself.

Use the Windows Uninstaller

This particular utility is probably the most convenient approach to get rid of an app. Windows uninstaller works great but can take a little bit of time to eliminate big apps. In addition, smaller downloads may not show up or can be hard to find.

To use Windows uninstaller, follow these steps:

  • Open the settings menu by simply pressing the Start icon then choose the gear in the left.
  • After you open the Settings, head to Apps.
  • This step will open a list of all your programs. In order to get rid of them, just click them once to show the Uninstall option. After that, click the Uninstall button. You’ll then be asked to confirm the necessary action.
  • Just confirm then wait a little bit while Windows get rids of the app.

Now, if you like not to go digging around in settings menu, you can simply uninstall from the Start Menu. Just click the icon located in the lower left-hand corner or press the Windows button on your PC.

You’ll see a program list that will come up. Simply right click any program and select Uninstall from the drop-down menu. You must confirm the uninstallation process and after that, everything will be smooth.

Frequently uninstall apps can make your computer benefit a lot. Not to mention that you would be surprised on how much space a dormant program is actually taking up from your space in the form of data, storage folders, hidden files, and so on even if you have not access it for many years.

You see, the reclaimed space that you got from getting rid of those unnecessary programs can be utilized for more essential and crucial files or even enable your PC to run much faster. Moreover, you’ll get the satisfaction of having your computer running in its best condition.

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